Basic Facial Treatment

Treatment Time: Approx. 60min

This facial starts with skin cleansing then follows with a skin-type-specific peel extractions if necessary, activating massage with essential oil balm, and skin-type specific mask. Finish with application of day care products that suit your needs.

Suitable For:
Customers with basic skin cleansing needs

Oxygen Facial Treatment

Treatment Time: Approx. 75min

Moisturizing, Skin Brightening, Reduce redness, Instant Skin Boost This relaxing facial, with the use of Oxygen Machine, apply energizing, hydrating cell booster with oxygen spray. Follow by a skin specific Oxygen Mask. This oxygen treatment can also reduce redness due to sun burn while give your skin an instant boost, and it is super hydrating.

Suitable for:
Dry, tired and sensitive skin. Recommended treatment especially after suntan.

Vagheggi Skin Energizing Facial Treatment

Treatment Time: Approx.75 min

Energizing Collagen Facial, Super moisturizing, Skin Tightening This collagen facial will tighten skin with super moisturizing effects. The treatment starts with basic skin cleansing follow by an activating massage with Vagheggi DL Energizing Line Product (Collagen) and age-fighting collagen ampoule dissolves to be a Mask. Follow with daycare application

Suitable for:
All Skin type. Hydrating, reduce fine lines and skin brightening.
Vagheggi, an Italian skin care company, is used in premium spas across Asia, Europe and the world. This specialist line of cosmetic, facial and body products contains the highest percentage of active ingredients of all products currently found on the market today. For more information on Vagheggi products click here.

Lymphatic Herbal Detox Facial Treatment

Treatment Time: Approx. 60 min

This facial starts with skin cleansing, with the use of the Italian Vagheggi Herbal essential oil, and combined with special lymphatic massage to enhance skin detoxification. Follow by a skin-type specific Mask. It will leave you a new refresh skin

Suitable for:
Skin Detoxification, to balance skin pH good for problem skin

Vagheggi Peeling Facial Treatment

Treatment Time: Approx.50 min

A long lasting exfoliating and cell-renewing facial with a super-moisturising effect. Containing Salicylic Acid, Lactobionic Acid & Glycolic Acid, your skin tissue will be renewed resulting in even colour and texture. SOS treatment for skin with blemishes.

Suitable for:
All Skin type, reduce uneven skin colour and texture, skin brightening.

2050’s Truffle Moisturizing Treatment

Treatment Time: Approx.75 min

Deluxe Facial with magnificent moisturizing and face lift effect Our ultimate anti-aging truffle treatment targets skin tone, elasticity, volume, fine lines and wrinkles—all the way to your décolleté. The facial includes a gentle but effective mushroom enzyme peel, extractions, massage with super deluxe truffle essential oil and a high-tech soothing collagen mask. This facial is also amazing for sensitive skin and pregnant guests.

Suitable for:
Mature Skin type. Hydrating, reduce fine lines and skin brightening


Vagheggi Collagen Neck Treatment
This amazing neck treatment with the application of Vagheggi Collagen Products will effectively reduce fine lines, brighten skin tones and uplifting the face contour line.

Vagheggi Collagen Eyes Treatment
This astonishing eyes treatment with the application of Vagheggi Collagen Products will effectively reduce fine lines around eyes areas; reduce dark eyes circles and freckles. This moisturizing treatment will definitely give your eyes an instant lift.

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