Full Body Aroma Lymphatic Massage

With the use of aromatherapy products, this Full body massage adopted a special body relaxing massage technique with the use of hydrating essential oil to slowly massage into skin for absorption for simultaneously promoting lymph drainage, slimming, detoxification, and hydration. Feel the wonderful effects.

Full Body Pressure Point Massage

This Full Body Pressure Point Massage is a truly relaxing massage that uses special hand movements to work into muscles, pressure points and joints to relief stress and tension while calm muscle tension and improving blood circulation to achieve total relaxation. This massage is good for total body relaxation and also to relief body tension.

Full Body Scrub and Moisturizing Massage

This Full Body Scrub and Moisturing Massage uses the finest scrub with our special hand movement to exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells and promoting growth of new ones. The massage follows by a hydrating massage that moisturizes and refreshes your skin of your whole body. This massage put your skin back to superb radiance and prepared for further body treatments.
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