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  • As we age, our skin sags, with wrinkles and becomes dull,
    also many other problems appear.
    HIFU Skin Tightening Treatment can achieve a younger
    and healthier looking skin.
HIFU Significant Effect: Face lifting;
Skin tightening & fine lines reduction;
Skin brightening & increase elasticity

HIFU can achieve the following results:
• Effective face lifting
• Jowl and Eyebrow lifting
• Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
• Improve sagging under eyes
• Reduce Parentheses lines around nose and mouth
• Chin Firming
• Diminishes pore sizes
• Skin brightening and skin tightening
• Improve skin elasticity

HIFU (High-intensity Focused Ultrasound) Principle
Non-surgical ultrasound energy generated low levels of heats in the different targeted skin layers to achieve tissue rejuvenation and to boost collagen production.

HIFU generated ultrasound energy fractionally to heat up deep skin layers to 60 – 70°C, cause thermal coagulation to Dermis and SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) The healing process will lead to cell and tissue rejuvenation, achieving tightening and lifting effect. The process also boosts collagen production. HIFU targets various skin layers to improve skin structures; the skin tightening and lifting effect is highly significant.

HIFU equipped with 3 different Transducers to generate ultrasound to reach 3 different skin layers

• 4.5mm transducer
The heat can shrink the entire SMAS fascia, achieving an effective face lifting and firming result.

• 3.0mm transducer
Target the lower layer of dermis to boost collagen generation, therefore improve skin elasticity, skin tightening and reduce wrinkles.

• 1.5mm transducer
The heat reaches this upper layer dermis will stimulates production of collagen, minimizes pores, improves skin tone and soften fine lines

After the first HIFU treatment, the skin tissue regeneration process and collagen production will continue. Within two months after the treatment, the improvement in face lifting, wrinkles reduction, skin tone and elasticity will become more obvious.
The face lifting effect and skin texture improvement will be more significant and last even longer, therefore achieving a reverse aging effect, bringing back your youthful skin.

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